Episode art: Understanding the Promoter's Role in Your Success | Derek Flores of Ethun Hawk
Understanding the Promoter's Role in Your Success | Derek Flores of Ethun Hawk

When it comes to booking and playing shows, there’s a hidden person who doesn’t get nearly enough of the credit for making the show happen: your promoter.

Whether the promoter is independent or working for a company, they are investing hours, even days, of their time into making your show a success.

They also happen to be someone who can break up your band if you make them mad… Take a listen to find out how.

That aside, there are many ways to mess up your relationship with a promoter – as well as tons of ways to grow that relationship.

Listen now to hear promoter Derek Flores discuss his experience as a promoter and artist, and how you can keep promoters happy!

What you’ll learn:

  • Derek’s journey: From music biz novice to expert promoter
  • Launch secrets: How to kickstart your band and sustain momentum
  • Power of community: The key to supercharging your band's success
  • Breaking new grounds: Booking shows in new markets
  • Avoiding pitfalls: The most common and costly mistakes artists make
  • Expanding your horizon: The underrated magic of looking beyond your hometown
  • Strategic sellouts: Why playing smaller venues can be a master move
  • The delicate dance between artist and promoter: A mutual success story
  • Stand out: Promote your own shows for a memorable impact
  • Building lasting relationships: How to become a promoter's next big thing

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