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This Episode Is Brought to You by: Ty Christian of Lords of the Trident

Sponsorship deals are one of the most sought-after parts of being in a band.

Unfortunately, in most cases, it doesn't mean unlimited free gear… But it can mean discounts, cash towards promoting a show, or more.

Ty Christian, aka Fang VonWrathenstein, has been performing with his band Lords of the Trident for almost 15 years and has had experience with sponsorships at every level – from local to national.

In this episode he shares his knowledge about how to get sponsorship deals when you're starting out as well as what happens when your band grows beyond that point.

Listen now to learn more from Ty Christian as we dive into the depths of sponsorship and endorsement deals!

What you’ll learn:

  • Finding your first band sponsorship
  • Why major brands don’t care about DIY artists
  • Setting expectations for sponsorships
  • Getting your foot in the door with local sponsors
  • Scaling your sponsorship deals to bigger companies
  • The domino effect of sponsorships
  • Band sponsorships and their relationship to your brand
  • How not to lose your sponsorship
  • What brands to consider as potential sponsors
  • When it might be time to turn down a sponsorship offer

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