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The Hidden Secret to Selling More Music, Tickets, and Merch

Most bands are missing out on money. A lot of money.

How? Too many artists make arbitrary decisions based on gut impulse or what they see other artists doing and don’t take the time to test their methods and collect data to see what works best for your specific project.

Everything in your band is sales, and that means you need to test everything. Not all at once – in fact, never more than one element at a time. But, over time you will find that you’re able to sell more tickets, music, and merch, by following just a few basic business principles.

Listen now to learn about testing each aspect of your band’s business so you can get more fans, sell more music, and have a healthy career!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to improve your sales rate… Without more fans
  • Why the tried and true method isn’t always the best way to do things
  • What you can do to optimize your live shows
  • How to calculate your merch “per head”
  • Why only ska bands are allowed to wear cargo shorts
  • How to find out what merch sells best
  • How to create an experience for your fans
  • Why you should experiment with different pricing
  • Why it’s important to remember that everything is sales
  • How to ignore flukes and anomalies in your data

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