Episode art: The DIY Attitude and Gatekeeping Are Holding You Back
The DIY Attitude and Gatekeeping Are Holding You Back

The DIY scene has a lot of gatekeepers – and to be entirely blunt, most of them have no sense of what makes music “good”.

Saying it’s not real music if it wasn’t recorded in one take, live, is something teenage boys do to seem cool.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that independent artists in the punk and alternative scenes in the UK and Australia are much more likely to embrace good production than artists in the US. Conversely, US artists tend to have poorer production quality – and songs – than their international counterparts.

This results in smaller chances of success as only a certain amount of people are willing to forgo “good” music for what they believe to be authenticity.

Listen now to hear my bandmate Joe Aabye and I discuss the benefits of working with a great producer for your next release!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why production value is so important
  • When self-producing might be worthwhile (it usually isn’t)
  • The definition of DIY in the music world
  • The important of trusting your producer
  • Using social media to promote your band
  • Why artists need to put effort into their craft
  • Sloppy noodles vs. true prog bands
  • Why some artists are objectively better than others

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