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The Clock Is Ticking, Start Using TikTok Now! | Brandon Cunningham of Kawaii AF

You have a band and you want to grow your following. But, you don't know how.

Maybe you've tried Instagram or Facebook but haven't gotten the results you wanted.

TikTok is an emerging social media platform that's perfect for musicians because it allows for short videos with music in them. It's super visual and easy to use, so anyone can create great content quickly!

Brandon Cunningham from Kawaii AF joins us this week to share his experiences using TikTok as part of his marketing strategy. He'll share tips on how he used TikTok to build their audience to over 100,000 followers and get discovered by more fans – all while having fun doing it!

Listen now to learn how you can make some of the same moves Brandon and Kawaii AF are, so you can grow your own band’s presence on TikTok!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why now is the time to start your TikTok account
  • How Kawaii AF grew their TikTok to over 100k followers
  • Capitalizing on current TikTok trends
  • Keeping your momentum up so your TikTok account doesn't stall
  • Using a production schedule to stay consistent with your content
  • Why TikTok is better for bands than other social platforms right now
  • How new artists are using TikTok to be discovered
  • Be genuine: TikTok users filter out fake content

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