Roles and Responsibilities: Determining Who Is The “Band Parent” While The Kids Play

There are lots of different elements that go into running a successful band… Way too many for any one person to handle, unless it’s their full time job!

So how can you effectively manage your DIY band without going insane?

Listen now to find out how you can make your life easier by dividing band roles and responsibilities in a logical, thought out manner that focuses on the natural strengths you and your bandmates possess.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to have “aces in their places”
  • How not assigning roles could hurt your band
  • Why tracking your expenses will save money in the long run
  • How negotiating your contracts carefully can save thousands of dollars by avoiding a bad deal
  • What you can do to find your bandmates natural talents to give them the right duties
  • Why choosing these roles wisely can protect you from one of the worst things to happen to a band: van crashes
  • How planning for the unexpected events of tour life can mean not missing shows you would’ve missed if you didn’t plan ahead
  • Why you need to “beat” Murphy’s Law
  • What goes into the logistics of running a tour, and why you always need a backup plan

Listen now!

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