Selling Merch When The Pandemic Ends | How To Make Your Merch Table Stand Out

Right now, we’re all stuck at home (or working in an essential job – stay safe!)

No one is playing shows, so what can we do during downtime?

Maybe it’s time to review your merch setup and see what you can do to boost your merch sales at shows.

Listen now to learn how you can boost your on-site merch sales and improve inventory tracking as well as sales efficiency!

Note: this episode was recorded before the COVID-19 crisis hit the US, but we are confident that the advice presented in the episode will apply once the pandemic is under control.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to have at least one black t-shirt in your offering
  • How focusing on a small set of items rather than having tons of options can benefit your merch experience
  • How you can optimize your merchandise sales by looking to high-volume retail stores
  • Why the CD is dead and how you can replace it at the merch table
  • Why download cards with vinyl records aren’t optional
  • How you can increase your Soundscan music sales
  • Why you should have a price tag on each item on display
  • Why selling merchandise is an investment
  • How having an outgoing merch seller can increase your sales

Listen now!

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