Relationships And Your Image – How You And Your Band Are One And The Same

We all know that one person… Their entire life, at least according to their social media posts, is a dumpster fire.

They may be a perfectly nice human being in person, but online they whine, whine, and whine.

Whether it’s about how bad their life is, politics, or something else, they are doing the opposite of what they should be doing.

By nurturing relationships and building your personal brand, you will be able to boost your career and watch your band’s success skyrocket.

So, don’t be that guy on social media… Consider your pages an extension of the band’s presence, and work hard to build long-lasting relationships with your family, friends, and fans.

Listen now to find out how you can pull this off like a natural!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you should avoid ranting on social media… Whether it’s the band’s page or your own
  • How you can avoid destroying relationships with your fans (and friends/family)
  • Why politics on social media is a very dangerous topic when you are an artist
  • Why having a good personal brand is great for the band’s brand and vice versa
  • Why nurturing relationships with people is incredibly important to a successful career
  • What you can do to boost your local music scene
  • Why you should always be sincere
  • How you can boost your relationship with someone by being a go-giver
  • Why you should do favors without expecting anything in return
  • Why hard work and smart work lose out to honest work

Listen now!

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