No Money In Music? Think Again. Start Selling Your Merchandise!

As the music industry continues to shift away from music sales while streaming becomes ever more popular, many have said, “there’s no money in music.”

But those people are wrong!

By learning how to sell you could make thousands of dollars per day selling your merchandise at music festivals, shows, and online.

Listen now to find out how you can start making money with your band’s brand!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why sales is easier if you love people
  • How the Girl Scouts recently made a genius move in their cookie sales business model
  • What you can do to make a great first impression on people you want to sell to
  • How body language can affect the outcome of your sales pitch
  • Why the products you’re trying to sell should enrich your customers’ lives
  • Why showing you’re “one of the gang” can make your sale 10x easier
  • How you can sell your music to random strangers on the street
  • Why you need to avoid looking spammy online
  • How you can sell more by painting a mental picture in your target’s mind
  • What the pros do to sell music

Listen now!

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