How You Can Use Competitive Marketing To Get Thousands Of Fans

Please give a welcome to the third and final co-host of the Bandhive Podcast… Matt Hoos of Alive In Barcelona!

After nearly a decade following the Vans Warped Tour, Matt and his bandmates built up a following of over 25,000 fans and made thousands of dollars in sales… All without being an official part of the tour.

Listen now to find out how you can follow in Matt’s footsteps at other festivals around the world.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Matt and his bandmates realized that selling CDs and merch outside Warped Tour was a massive opportunity for their band.
  • Why grinding every single day is one of the keys to creating a successful band
  • Why falling asleep in a mall is dangerous when blessthefall is nearby
  • How you can sell CDs and merch to random people on the road
  • How networking and putting in effort can lead to future job opportunities – even years later
  • Why taking risks is one of the things bands often need to do (as with any business)
  • How building relationships over time helped grow Alive In Barcelona’s following
  • Why Less Than Jake is a great example for DIY artists to look up to
  • Why you should promote your music at festivals

Listen now!

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