Long Distance Relationships: How to Effectively Run a Remote Band

30 years ago, being in a band with members spread out over multiple states or countries would have meant traveling for almost any group work such as songwriting or demoing.

Now, thanks to the internet, it’s possible for bands to exist without ever having met each other in person.

That’s not common, but there are bands like that out there.

What’s more common are traditional bands with one or two members living further away due to a move or other change in life circumstances.

That doesn’t mean the music has to stop – there are many opportunities to keep the show on the road.

Listen now to learn how you can become more effective and efficient in managing a long-distance DIY band!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why each member of your band needs assigned roles
  • How to pick fitting roles for the various bandmembers
  • What you can do to nurture effective communication
  • How you can stay in touch with everyone in your network
  • Why having backups is extremely important, especially when working remotely
  • How personal accountability plays into a long-distance band
  • Why you should practice at home, and rehearse before tour
  • How to have continued growth

Listen now!

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