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Ignoring This Could End Your Music Career Before You Even Start

Choosing a band name is no walk in the park. You want something that's going to make you stand out, easy to find when fans search your name online, and above all yours and yours alone.

There are so many names already taken on the internet that it can feel impossible to find one that isn't in use by another band or company.

We have seven steps we follow when choosing a band name, and they've worked great for us. Listen now to learn what they are!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Ghost was known as Ghost BC for several years
  • How to avoid stealing another band’s name
  • Choosing a band name that fits your brand
  • Why a unique stage name is important
  • What to look for in a band name
  • Why you should (probably) avoid misspelled names
  • How to check if you can use the band name you want to choose
  • Get the .com for your band name!

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