How to Properly Release a Single

Releasing a single is a big moment for any artist.

Whether you’re the artist who is building up to an EP or full-length album, the content creator who releases singles every month, or you’re releasing a one-off single just to get some music out there, there’s one common thread: 

To truly take advantage of the boost a single could give you, there needs to be a solid plan around the release.

Not only for the long-term, but also for the short term.

What can you do to give your single a fighting chance in the world of attention marketing?

Listen now to find out!

What you’ll learn:

  • How the internet has changed the way artists need to market their music
  • Why creating a moment is the way to a fan’s heart
  • How you could harness a single to grow your email list
  • Why your single release needs to be part of a bigger plan
  • How to increase your long-term success by giving fans something to be nostalgic about
  • How you can grow your fanbase by investing into your audience
  • Why community is so important for a fanbase
  • Why you are not done once you finish your songs
  • How the music industry has become compartmentalized

Listen now!

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