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How to Keep Your Fans Coming Back Show After Show

So you've decided to start a band. Congrats! But now what? Most band’s debuts are forgotten by everyone except the musicians on stage. How do you make your band's debut show stand out from all the other crappy local bands? 

Most artists play their first show at a dive bar or small local club. You might have fun playing the show, but it won’t make any big splashes or lifelong fans.

By standing out at shows, you can make your debut show blow the other acts out of the water and set yourself up for long-term success. Listen now to learn how!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why your first show should showcase your best effort
  • How to prepare for your band’s live debut
  • Using movement to bring more energy to your show
  • Why a mic stand is not home base (looking at you, vocalists)
  • How small shows can beat the energy of arenas
  • Practicing and rehearsing to play a killer first show
  • How to build the perfect lineup for your debut show
  • Why you should never focus on production hiccups during a performance

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