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Playing Live: Creating a Lasting Impression for Your Fans

We've all seen that band who plays well, but is just mind-numbingly boring because they don't move around on stage…

They don't engage with their audience…

Those bands are nothing more than bland robots who can play an instrument. 

On the other hand, you might have seen a band that's absolutely fantastic live.

A band who blew you away by putting on a true performance, rather than just playing music. A band whose show you talk about a decade later, because it was that good.

Listen now to learn how you can make small, DIY shows, just as energetic and exciting as the best arena shows with a few simple changes to your set!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to make a small show just as impressive as an arena show
  • Why rehearsals matter for your shows
  • From solo acts to full bands: engaging with your audience
  • Breakdancing to keep your set fresh
  • Crowd interaction and your appeal to potential fans
  • Movement on stage: if you look bored, your audience is bored

Watch this video to learn what makes a great live show


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