How To Get Signed, Part 2 | Make Your Band Appealing To Record Labels

Making your band appealing to a record label in the effort of getting signed isn’t easy.

There’s no guarantee that it’ll work, either.

The good news is that the same things that make you appealing to a record label will make your band more successful in general.

Listen now to learn how you and your band can boost your careers in a few key areas, and become more successful whether you want to get signed or not.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to get five record deal offers by the end of next week
  • Why your manager should be independent of a record label
  • How you can spot one common trick labels use to burn an artist
  • Why connections are one of the main things that a band should invest in
  • What work you should outsource to experts before anything else
  • What systems you need to have in place before signing a record deal
  • How bands who are terrible live still sell out venues
  • How to grow your network effectively without being a “punisher”
  • What types of relationships you and your band should invest in to grow
  • Why it’s vital to understand every aspect of your business

Listen now!

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