Don't Let Burnout Ruin Your Career | How To Separate Yourself From Your Art

It’s easy to become exhausted as an artist.

Not only do you have to work on your creative side, you also have to run a business.

Splitting your time between what is essentially two different jobs on opposite sides of your brain can be draining.

All that really means, though, is that artists need to take time off.

There’s no shame in having weekends off (or any two day of your choosing during the week).

There’s no shame in taking a much-needed vacation and setting up an email autoresponder.

Listen now to find out why it’s vital to your career that you avoid burnout and separate yourself from your music. You are more than just your art. Act like it!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to be a person outside of your music
  • How burnout negatively affects your creativity
  • How to recharge your mojo
  • Why everyone should have a do not do list
  • How to add time to your day
  • Why communication is key to lasting relationships
  • Why you should never release a song that isn’t great
  • What’s wrong with, “eh, good enough.”

Listen now!

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