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How to Get Press Attention (Without a Publicist)

Getting your music onto blogs isn’t as simple as writing an email that says “here’s my song, please review it.”

Ultimately, that’s what your email will say… But that’s not what the words will be.

To stand out from the crowd of all the desperate artists, mixed with professional publicists, you need to write an email that doesn’t waste time but does catch the attention of anyone you send it to.

The press release is becoming a lost art among DIY musicians, but it’s a non-negotiable element of your marketing campaign for each single, video, or album you release.

Listen now to learn what goes into a good press release, and what to avoid so you don’t make a mistake that burns bridges before they’re even built!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to structure a press release
  • What goes into a good press release
  • Who you should send press releases to
  • How to set up your SubmitHub profile
  • How to choose the right publicist or PR firm
  • Why it’s important to reply to any press contacts immediately
  • How you can catch attention for your press release
  • Why a first impression is so important
  • Why triple-checking everything is more important than you could ever imagine
  • How a simple “thank you” can vastly improve your results

Listen now!

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