Episode art: Don't Poke the Bear: 16 Ways to Annoy the Sound Engineer
Don't Poke the Bear: 16 Ways to Annoy the Sound Engineer

Hey, we all know live sound engineers can get a little cranky… Or sometimes very cranky.

Well, it's my turn to vent a bit – I'm spilling the beans on 16 ways you can annoy the sound engineer at your shows, and how that could totally mess up your night.

At best, they won't put much effort into mixing your sound, and at worst, they might even make you sound terrible on purpose.

But let's be real, you usually want to be invited back to the venue, right? To make that happen, it's critical to leave a positive impression on everyone you meet, and that definitely includes not ticking off the engineer.

Tune in now to discover how to keep the sound engineer happy, so your band can rock the stage and sound fantastic!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why responding to emails quickly is important
  • The lessons you learn when ignoring the sound engineer
  • Pitfalls of complaining or arguing with venue staff
  • Avoiding feedback from your vocal mics
  • How to make friends with the engineer so your set will sound better
  • The ways you might self-sabotage your band’s set
  • What bands can do to get themselves banned from a venue
  • The problems of playing late
  • Set change: why it’s not the time to chat with fans
  • Why I published such a whiny episode

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