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Can You Reach Level 99 in Every Skill?

Runescape and life may seem entirely disparate, but at a base level they are one and the same.

We have a finite amount of time to do what we need to do if we want to have a successful music career.

In music, this means honing the skills you’re best at and leaving other skills to people who have more practice and experience in.

It’s the same in Runescape, where it’s incredibly difficult to max out your levels in every single skill.

Which character will you choose in life: the Jack of all trades or the expert? One has a clear advantage over the other – listen now to learn more!

What you’ll learn:

  • How Runescape relates to your skills in the real world
  • Why being a Jack of all trades has benefits and pitfalls
  • How to choose which real-life skills to focus on
  • Why it’s important to focus on your core skills
  • Why specialists are the people who get hired
  • How to set goals for the skills you want to learn
  • Why “skill levels” and goals are one and the same
  • How to learn non-priority skills without wasting time

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