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Business, Branding, and Drive: Jon from Memorist

People often think that being a musician is a great way to get rich. The truth is, it's hard work and most musicians fail at making money from their music.

Most musicians dream of the big time when they should be focusing on smaller things like getting gigs in front of small audiences and perfecting their live show and branding so they can stand out.

Listen now to hear Jon from Memorist describe how to use business principles to become a more successful musician and artist!

What you’ll learn:

  • How the driving force to make music affects your career
  • Why business skills are important for musicians and creatives
  • How to understand marketing and give your band an advantage
  • Why putting your album on Bandcamp and making one post on social media isn’t enough
  • How to craft your band’s brand identity
  • When to start your fan club
  • How to use calls to action sparingly and effectively
  • Why you should upsell at your merch table
  • Why you never want to sell bad merch
  • What’s in store for Jon and Memorist

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