Build a Production Team You Can Be Proud Of

When you’re working on new music, you face a lot of choices that can vastly affect the popularity of your release.

It all starts with your production team – the producer, engineers, and musicians who you’ll work with. The importance of picking the right team for your music cannot be understated.

After all, if you’re playing hardcore punk, it probably wouldn’t make sense to work with a country producer… Even if he or she is a grammy award winning producer.

Listen now to find out what you should consider when building the best production team for your band!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why specialists are often better than a jack of all trades
  • How to get honest feedback on your music
  • Why quality production is key to your success
  • Why a team is important to your band
  • How to build a team to create a quality product
  • What types of teams you could work with
  • Why most one stop shops are not the best choice for recording and production
  • Why hiring other instrumentalists can be useful
  • How choosing the right producer can be make or break for your release

Listen now!

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