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10 Social Media Content Ideas for Bands: Tips to Engage Fans and Grow Your Audience

Everyone says that your band needs to be more active on social media – and they're not wrong. Knowing that you need to post more often and doing it are quite different things, though.


You're probably thinking, “what should I post as a band?”

The good news is that's what we're here to talk about today. By building up these ten types of content, you can fill your reservoir and never run out of content for your band.


1. Content from your rehearsals

Fans love to see what you're up to. Posting pictures and videos of your rehearsals is a great way to give them a sneak peek into how things are coming together. Just be sure not to give away all your secrets before the big show!


2. Live photos and videos

Nothing beats the energy of a live show. Posting pictures and videos of your performances is a great way to get fans excited for the next one.

Make sure to tag the venues where the photos or videos were taken, they might share it – and if they do, that's free promo for you!


3. Studio content

Fans love to see what their favorite bands are working on. Posting studio updates and sneak peeks is a great way to keep them engaged while you're recording new music.

You don't have to give away all the details – just enough to tease them into waiting with anticipation.

One thing to note, don't start posting studio content until the project is done! Otherwise you'll be dragging out the studio content and people won't be excited by the time the release date comes around.


4. Interviews

Interviews are a great way to give fans some insight into what you're thinking about and working on. Every time you're interviewed, share a link to the coverage. If you can get permission, share a clip of the interview as well (whether it's text, audio, or video-based).


5. Band updates

Are you working on a new album? Touring plans? What's the latest news with your band? Keep fans in the loop by sharing updates on what you're up to.

These updates don't have to be anything formal, you could just share a selfie video where you're talking – it's great social media content for your band.

Your fans will appreciate being kept in the know, and it will help build anticipation for whatever you've got coming down the pipeline.


6. Throwbacks

Did you play a show on this date last year? Share it! People love looking back on memories, and it's a great way to show fans that you're thinking about the time you shared with them.

You can also share old photos or videos of the band – anything that gives fans a reminder of past times.


7. Stories

Every band has funny, scary, and sketchy tour stories. It's just part of being a band. Share your stories with fans, they'll love hearing them, and you never know… They might have some to share with you as well!

Stories are a great way to connect with fans and build rapport. They also show that you're human – we all have stories, and sharing yours will make people feel closer to you.


8. Music appreciation

What inspires you to make music? What bands do you look up to? What music do you love listening to?

Share your thoughts on music with fans. Show them that not only do you enjoy making music, but that you're a music fan just like them.

Not only will this help build connections with fans, it could also introduce them to new music that they might enjoy. If you and your fans can enjoy the same music, that's another level to connect on!


9. Highlight your fans

Fans are the lifeblood of any band. Take some time to highlight your fans on social media. Share their photos, videos, and thoughts on your music – especially if they've posted and tagged you, the least you can do is share that post to your Instagram story.

When you share content from your fans, it helps them feel appreciated and gives other fans a chance to connect with them as well. It also shows that you're interacting with the community and are actively watching your notifications, leading to fans knowing that you care.


10. Giving to the community

Music is about giving – to your fans, to the community, and to the world. Share photos and videos of you performing or participating in charity events. Showing that you're a band with a heart will help connect you with fans on an emotional level.

It also gives people a chance to see the other side of you – the side that might not be so publicly outspoken, but is still there deep within you. Whether you're boosting humanitarian efforts or the local animal shelter, fans will like to see that you give back to the community.


Social media strategies for bands

These ten types of social media content for bands will no doubt help you get started. One key thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to post all the content you have. Instead, keep a backlog of content that you can pull from at a moment's notice – this way you don't have to scramble for content or constantly be creating new content.

Once you have all this content, you'll find that you hit your next roadblock: posting it all. Thankfully, there's an easy solution – using a social media scheduling tool. My favorite one is Publer, they let you schedule content on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Basically any social media platform is compatible with Publerget a free trial today!