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Are You Ready to Sell More Merch?

Every band faces the debate at some point: what can we sell at our merch table?

Aside from black t-shirts, the options are practically endless. There’s a “standard fare” of sorts that many artists choose, but you can also get creative with the items you offer your fans.

Listen now to learn some of the common items you could sell at your merch table, and how you can sell things you’d normally throw in a dumpster!

What you’ll learn:

  • Which merch items you could sell
  • Why you need merch at every show you play
  • Novelty items that work well for some artists
  • Bundles and fan club packages
  • Merch quality and comfort
  • Premium items vs. freebies and cheaper stock
  • Upcycling your used gear for profit
  • Quality over quantity at the merch table
  • Freebies in exchange for email addresses

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