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A Crash Course in Packing Venues

Almost every independent artist struggles to fill even the smallest of venues… Yes, some artists seem to have it all figured out, and sell out their local and hometown shows.

You’re probably wondering how they do this? They must be industry plants of some sort. Right?

Wrong! They likely have a combination of factors including great music, an approachable personality, and solid work ethic. Thankfully this is all something you can learn, too.

Listen now to learn how you can increase your band’s draw to fill venues, sell more merch, and start playing better shows outside your hometown!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to bring fans to your shows
  • What excuses really mean
  • Why you shouldn’t play your hometown too often
  • What to practice at your band’s rehearsals
  • How to reach out to your friends and fans via DMs
  • It’s 2022 – flyers still matter
  • Picking the right bands to play with
  • How to grow your fanbase outside your hometown
  • Making your dedicated fans feel special
  • Presenting the right energy at your shows

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