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Email's Not Dead

It's hard to keep in touch with your fans via social media. Half the time, the algorithm doesn’t even show your post to your fans… Or when it does, your fans are scrolling through their feed at lightspeed and don’t even notice your post.

Without a way to contact your fans directly, you're at risk of losing them forever. Social media platforms can be shut down (goodbye, Vine) or remove your account without warning. But don’t lose hope: your email list is always yours.

Listen now to learn how to start building your band’s email list and what tools you need to succeed!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why email marketing is necessary
  • The deathtrap of relying on social media
  • Protecting your social media accounts
  • Getting real fans from social media
  • How to harness the power of email marketing to reach your core fanbase
  • Why email marketing isn’t spam if you do it right
  • Email marketing is still relevant
  • Getting started with email marketing for your band
  • Three reasons you need an email list

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