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8 Ways to Avoid Ending Your Music Career

Running any business, including a band, means tons of communication with other people and companies. That’s just part of the deal.

You probably like working with people who are pleasant and easy to communicate with, right?

That’s how other people feel, too – which means you need to communicate as effectively as you possibly can. Otherwise, you might be labeled as difficult to work with, or if you’re rude enough, even get blocked from certain opportunities.

Listen now to learn how you can make yourself easier to work with, and how to avoid burning bridges with stakeholders in your scene!

What you’ll learn:

  • The basics of communication outside your band
  • Three examples of how not to behave
  • Why proper communication is important to your overall success as an artist
  • How certain artists end their career before they even know it by being rude
  • When it’s time to give up on music
  • Eight tips for great communication skills
  • Why “rockstars” can get away with being rude but you can’t

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