5 Inspirational Innovations In The Music Industry | What Will You Come Up With?

Everyone loves life hacks.

They’re convenient, MacGyver-like solutions to common problems.

The music industry has its own, unique set of life hacks. Anything from increasing comfort and saving money while on tour, to growing your email list or selling more music.

The possibilities are practically endless – what will you come up with as the next life hack for artists?

What you’ll learn:

  • How creative innovation can change the music business
  • Why thinking outside the box is vital to long-term success
  • What you can do to earn more during shows and livestreams, even if fans don’t have enough money to buy merch
  • Why spreading the word about your music shouldn’t be seen as annoying
  • What bands can do to add value to their fans while selling more music
  • How to take these ideas and come up with something even better

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