Episode art: Your Back Will Thank You for Listening to This Episode...
Your Back Will Thank You for Listening to This Episode…

Canceling shows is one of the last things any artist wants to do. The bad news is if you’re sick or injured, you might not have any choice.

In this episode, Matt and James dive in to discuss important recommendations for musicians to stay in top physical health at all times.

Listen now to learn how you can improve your health, stay fit, and be ready to jump around on stage for years to come!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why healthy nutrition is incredibly important for musicians
  • Eating healthy while on tour
  • Scheduling your tour to get enough rest on the road
  • Maintaining your health as a musician
  • How making many small changes can have a big affect on your life
  • Creating a system to improve your lifestyle
  • Building habit and routine for a healthy body
  • Getting exercise while on tour
  • Setting yourself up for success

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