Why You Need Systems And Workflows For Your Band

A lot of artists don't realize that creating workflows, checklists, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) can greatly increase the output of their work. In fact, it can result in a much better, consistent career for you since practically everything you do will be outlined in an easy to follow format.

Many companies use SOPs. In fact, nearly every successful business uses them. Look at the training procedures of fast food restaurants, retail companies, and software giants. Not to mention the grandfather of SOPs, the railroads. In fact, SOPs came about because of a terrible train crash in the 1800s.

By implementing workflows and SOPs in your band (your business), you can help avoid costly, time-wasting mistakes. Watch this video to find out more!

What were your thoughts on the video? Will you now be working on adding some checklists to repeated tasks in your band's business?

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Video Transcript