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Why the Bands Who Complain Don't “Make It”

You’ve seen that friend who does nothing but complain on social media… We all have one. They just endlessly post sob stories about how terrible their life is, and they keep doing it because their posts get engagement.

The downside of this is anyone seeing those posts starts to form a negative mental image of that person – no one wants to hang out with someone who’s constantly bringing the mood down.

The same goes for bands. If a band, or band member, is constantly whining about life (or the music business) being difficult, that artist is less likely to achieve any meaningful form of success because people won’t want to work with them.

It’s easy to be someone people enjoy working with, just by having a positive attitude. Listen now to learn how you can avoid becoming a “woe is me” artist!

What you’ll learn:

  • Avoiding toxic trait of being constantly negative on social media
  • Why the artists who “make it” aren’t the complainers
  • How to make money without trying to sell CDs
  • The band who alienated their entire fanbase with one Facebook post
  • The pros of staying positive during bad times
  • Two examples of bands doing it right
  • The mental roadblocks of negative thought

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