Why Gear Isn't the Solution to All Your Problems

Gear Acquisition Syndrome, also known as “GAS” is a real issue for many musicians.

Buying that one piece of gear will give you the tone you need, right?

Unfortunately, often the gear isn’t the solution – but the time you spend searching for gear can be spent on something that will help you improve your tone.

Listen now to learn how to get better sounds from your instrument without spending a fortune on the most expensive gear you can find.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you should avoid being a “Buster”
  • How the law of diminishing returns affects your gear
  • Why gear does matter (to an extent)
  • Why all gear has pros and cons
  • How cheap gear can be better than expensive gear in some cases
  • Why many artists have expensive gear for the studio and “beater” gear for shows
  • How continuously improving your craft will do more than buying gear ever will

Listen now!

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