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Why Creating “Perfect” Music Is a Terrible Goal

Most musicians are perfectionists – it’s unavoidable. When we expose our souls via songwriting, we want every single aspect to be impeccable.

But if perfection is your goal, you’ll never get there… Perfection is virtually impossible. Don’t get stuck on tiny details, instead focus on the big picture.

Just remember, the artist who creates a song a month and gets those songs 95% of the way there will become a much more skilled musician than the artist who writes one song a year, but considers it “perfect”.

Listen now to learn why “done is better than perfect” applies to everything you do in music, so you can become the best version of yourself!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to prevent wasting your time
  • Why finishing your music quickly is important
  • How to write better music
  • Why trying and failing is not failure – it’s a learning experience
  • When “perfection” might be appropriate… But it usually isn’t
  • Why it’s vital to pick a sound and stick to it
  • How to know when your song is finished
  • Why you need to play a show ASAP
  • How you can jump into the deep end

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