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What I Take on the Road

You're getting ready for your band's next tour. You have a solid plan in place, friend’s couches to crash on, but the night before you leave you realize… You're not sure what to pack!

Touring can be a ton of work. You have to worry about booking shows, transportation, making sure your equipment is all packed up and ready to go, and more.

Listen now to learn what you’ll need on your next tour. From clothes and toiletries to the gear that may just save the day, I cover the essentials that should be in your luggage and backpack.

What you’ll learn:

  • How I approach packing for tour
  • Why I keep personal and gear separate (for the most part)
  • Packing for winter tours vs. summer tours
  • The gear to pack for every tour
  • A towel is the most important item a touring person can carry
  • How to sell merch the easy way with an iPad
  • Flashlights and earplugs: a touring artist’s best friend
  • The best tape ever made
  • Keeping your documents and ID safe
  • Why you are your own tour manager

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