Episode art: Ticket Fees: They're Not Always Evil
Ticket Fees: They're Not Always Evil

Ticket fees are a divisive subject, and with good reason: they’re often excessive, equal to nearly 50% of the face value of a ticket.

Reasonable ticket fees are justified though, as they keep money in the artist’s pocket – money that the artist would be spending if ticket fees were built into the price of tickets.

Listen now to learn when fees are appropriate and why they’re charged, as well as some background on excessive fees and dynamic pricing!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why ticket fees are increasing
  • The advantage of ticket fees being levied on top of the ticket price
  • What makes fees excessive at some venues
  • How to avoid losing money on fees
  • “Dynamic pricing” isn’t a Ticketmaster problem
  • The greed of major artists’ management companies in the industry
  • How to handle people who complain about taxes and fees

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