Episode art: The Waterfall Method and Marketing Your Music | Brendan Frey of Hostile Array
The Waterfall Method and Marketing Your Music | Brendan Frey of Hostile Array

Brendan Frey and Hostile Array aren’t your typical DIY band. They’re not afraid to market themselves, or to hire a team to help them on their journey.

Instead, Hostile Array embraces collaboration where necessary, and the band is better off for it.

Brendan discusses the shift from the “Myspace days” to the current situation on social media, harnessing the waterfall method to grow your streaming numbers, and having the confidence to promote your music.

Listen now to learn how you can market your music to grow your streaming numbers and build an engaged audience!

What you’ll learn:

  • How the music industry has changed since the “Myspace days”
  • Using the internet to promote your music
  • Why paying for Spotify placements is a terrible idea
  • Using tools like SubmitHub to get placements
  • 100 people at your show vs. 100 people online
  • Using the Waterfall method to grow plays on your songs
  • Why rock artists seem afraid to promote their music
  • Staying consistent on social media for your band
  • How to run social media ads
  • Maintaining your ethos as a DIY band while hiring the right team

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