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The Setlist Sandwich: Do This for Every Show You Play

You’ve probably seen a band play a set and thought, “what on earth are they doing?”

Not because the band was bad, but because their set was just a mess. Maybe they started with a bland, boring song. Or perhaps they ended on a low note, with a more melancholy deep cut.

No matter what, it’s important to recognize that as an entertainer you are in charge of keeping your audience entertained and engaged. That means you need to build the perfect setlist sandwich for every show you play!

Listen now to learn what ingredients go into your setlist sandwich and how you can manage the energy of your performance to hook the audience!

What you’ll learn:

  • Building the perfect setlist sandwich
  • Energy management to rule your audience
  • The ingredients of a perfect setlist
  • Four ways to increase a crowd’s energy
  • When to play covers in your set
  • The perfect way to close your band’s set

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