Episode art: The Rock Show: What Made The Music Video Great
The Rock Show: What Made The Music Video Great

The Bandhive Podcast may be focused on business most of the time… But, sometimes, we need to have a little fun, too!

That’s why this week, we’ll dissect what you can learn from the music video for “The Rock Show” and Blink-182's musical journey.

Listen now as we explore the genius behind Blink-182's brand and help you understand how to apply these insights to your own music career!

What you’ll learn:

  • What made Blink-182’s music videos unique
  • Why “The Rock Show” is no more than a dream come true for most people
  • Shock value and music videos
  • What independent artists can learn from “The Rock Show” and Blink-182
  • The magic behind the video
  • Why Blink has lasting power while others do not
  • The genius behind Blink-182’s brand
  • Takeaways from this episode

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