Episode art: The Power of a Strong Team: Chad Kowal on Surrounding Yourself With the Right People
The Power of a Strong Team: Chad Kowal on Surrounding Yourself With the Right People

Chad Kowal has been in bands. He’s been a professional topliner. But there’s something new in Chad’s life, too… He’s now a solo artist performing under his own name.

Navigating the change from band to solo act isn’t easy, but it becomes a lot more palatable if you build a good team around yourself, and that’s exactly what Chad has done.

Listen now to learn how you can apply what Chad is doing to your own band or solo project in an effort to grow your fanbase and create a dedicated, long-term following!

What you’ll learn:

  • Crafting music videos that your audience will actually care about
  • How to sell out every show you play
  • Why fans buying tickets to support without attending is bad
  • Creating stories your fans will tell for the rest of their lives
  • Interacting with your audience via SMS
  • Blending genres yet still gaining fans
  • Building a team around yourself to get the best product
  • Why “selling out” isn’t a thing
  • The toxicity of gatekeeping a scene

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