Episode art: The Line Between Hobby and Business: Selling Merch
The Line Between Hobby and Business: Selling Merch

If you aren’t selling merch, you’re missing out on the largest potential income stream for your band.

Offering merch is the difference between being a hobbyist and making an honest effort to turn your passion into a career.

Over the years, I’ve seen every excuse under the book but to be perfectly blunt, no merch, no business.

Listen now to learn the basics of selling merch for your band so you can start earning money even when the shows don’t pay and the streams are only a trickle!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why selling merch benefits your band in multiple ways
  • The hazards of not having merch for sale
  • How to get merch designed for your band
  • How merch quality impacts your sales and long-term success
  • Where bands can get merch printed
  • Selling merch at your shows
  • Marketing your online merch store
  • The damage low quality merch does to your brand

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