The COVID-Survival Guide for Musicians, Part 2: What Do I Do Now?

If you heard last week’s episode about staying top of mind during the COVID crisis, you’re probably wondering, “but what next?”

The good news is that we cover that today. Educating yourself and ensuring that you are 100% to hit the ground running once shows resume will put you miles ahead of other artists who did nothing except watch Netflix these past few months.

So, what does that mean for you?

Listen now to learn how you can ensure that your band doesn’t just outlast COVID-19, but that you’re ready to blow away your peers with incredible preparation.

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can create good habits that outlast COVID
  • Why you should never stop learning
  • How ignoring critique sets you up for failure
  • How to market the right way
  • What to focus your efforts on to learn what you need to learn
  • How to choose the producer you work with
  • Why your branding should be front and center
  • How to sell more merch
  • How you can be ready for the return of live shows

Listen now!

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