Episode art: The Art of Tour Management: A New Perspective
The Art of Tour Management: A New Perspective

I’ve talked about planning tours on the podcast before, but never from this angle…

The thing is I discovered that planning a tour for my own band is a different experience than planning a tour for a client. From the initial phases through to completion of the tour, there are changes I’ve picked up on.

Listen now to learn how you can plan your own tours effectively and efficiently to save time and money on the road!

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between planning a tour for yourself vs. for someone else
  • How to frame discussions around touring
  • The hold system venues use
  • The importance of starting the booking process early
  • Phases of booking shows
  • Considering the venue capabilities before confirming a show
  • Renting a van vs. taking your own vehicles
  • Budgeting for your tour
  • How to make your band more appealing to promoters

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