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Stop Wasting Money on Gear!

Most people think that the best way to become a better musician is to buy more gear. 

It’s not. Better gear can help you sound slightly better, but it's not the most important thing by any means. 

In this episode of the Bandhive Podcast, I explain why gear ISN'T the most important thing for a band. In fact, your gear purchases may just be a form of procrastination or distraction. Listen now to learn more!

What you’ll learn:

  • Gear doesn’t matter the way you think it does
  • The law of diminishing returns
  • Why mid range instruments are typically the best value compared to cost
  • When to use studio gear instead of your own
  • What you should spend your budget on instead of wasting it on gear
  • The simple truth: you don’t need that $5,000 guitar

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