Stepping stones to healthy habits father before me.
Stepping Stones to Healthy Habits | Father Before Me

Do you have unhealthy habits? You probably do, because guess what… We all do.

Quitting unhealthy habits can be incredibly difficult to do, but if you instead replace the bad habits with good habits, you’ll have a much better chance of success.

This week on the show, Elijah of Father Before Me joins us to discuss forming healthy habits, using those habits to grow his career as an independent artist and streamer, and how he works to eliminate unhealthy habits.

Listen now to learn more about breaking your habits and forming new, good habits, in this chat with Elijah from Father Before Me!

What you’ll learn:

  • How your bad habits in life echo across your passions
  • Working towards healthy habits for personal growth
  • Staying consistent on social media
  • The perks of being a jack of all trades
  • Leading indicators vs. lagging indicators
  • Why excuses are holding you back
  • The cumulative impact of habits
  • How to break bad habits

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