Episode art: Preparing for the
Preparing for the “When”, Not the “If”

Whether you're a seasoned musician on tour or a new band gearing up for your first shows, the unpredictability of the road looms above your head. From vehicle breakdowns to personal emergencies, the journey is riddled with potential hiccups. Are you prepared?

The key to a smooth tour isn't just about nailing your performances, but also having all your bases covered off the stage. 

Planning ahead for emergencies on the road, in the venue, or the human body, is absolutely vital to playing shows – you may think “we don’t need to do that”, but emergencies can happen at any time. When those bad moments happen to you, you’ll thank yourself for thinking ahead!

So, whether you're about to hit the road or just planning your next gig, this episode is your go-to guide for a quick and dirty emergency plan. Listen now to learn how to be truly prepared for the rollercoaster that is a musician's time on the road.

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can be prepared for anything on the road
  • Setting aside an emergency fund for your band
  • Basic vehicle maintenance practices
  • Why planning is more important than the plan itself
  • Preparing for personal emergencies
  • Basic first aid essentials for your van
  • Staying charged up in the digital age


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