Playing Shows: Understanding Venues and Their Staff

Over your music career, you’ll play hundreds or even thousands of venues.

When you’re just starting out, any show will be tempting to pick up… But over time, you’ll find that your audience seems to react best in certain types of venues.

No matter which venue type you end up gravitating towards, it’s good to have a solid understanding of the different kinds of venues you could come across and the pros and cons of each type.

On top of that, it’s always useful to know who you should talk to at the venue for each question that comes up.

Listen now to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of certain venue types and what venue staff you’ll be interacting with.

What you’ll learn:

  • What types of venues a DIY artist needs to be familiar with
  • How coffeehouse shows have a hidden trick up their sleeve
  • What pros and cons to keep in mind when choosing what type of venue to play
  • Who you will end up working with at venues
  • Why it’s vital to not cross the stage manager
  • How to know who you should talk to at a venue for different questions
  • Why respecting venue staff is not optional
  • How to get answers to your most important questions

Listen now!

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