Episode art: Overcoming the Roadblocks Every Musician Faces
Overcoming the Roadblocks Every Musician Faces

Mental health for musicians is often ignored until one celebrity or another has a public meltdown.

Unfortunately, it's not surprising that mental health issues are a common problem among musicians and artists.

This can be due to the pressures of the industry, the lack of stability, and the intense focus on their craft.

Mental health issues can also be caused by the lifestyle of being a musician or artist, which can be extremely demanding and isolating.

Over the years, we've lost far too many amazing musicians due to struggles with mental health.

On this episode of the Bandhive Podcast, Matt and I discuss the incredibly important topic of mental health for musicians. Listen now to learn more!

What you’ll learn:

  • Mental health and music: why they go hand in hand
  • Getting the resources you need for positive mental health
  • A case for building good habits in your life
  • Learning how to handle feedback and criticism
  • Surviving the studio process
  • Mental health during band practice
  • Discussing your wants and needs as an individual
  • Bad habits and mental health for musicians
  • Safety on tour to preserve mental health
  • Why a healthy body is vital to a healthy mind

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