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Musician, Composer, and Business Owner: Andy Wilson-Taylor of Midgar

Being a full time artist can be exhausting, demoralizing, and detrimental to your health. It’s something that no one ever wants to face, but most artists do at one point or another.

Andy Wilson-Taylor made it through a dark time in his life and came out stronger, wiser, and with a brand new goal: turning an abandoned farmhouse in Southern France into a fully functional destination studio for artists around the world.

Because of Andy’s willingness to learn new skills, never say no, and pure willpower, that conversion is almost complete! His first project in the new studio was his own band, Midgar, whose album Unity was released just a few weeks ago.

Listen now to learn more about Andy Wilson-Taylor of Midgar, and what you can learn from his life and career!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to start working as a composer for film and TV
  • Why Andy pivoted from music to restoring a French farmhouse and turning it into a bed and breakfast
  • How the film and TV composition business runs
  • Why “yes” is the right answer when opportunities present themselves
  • Why stories matter for every release
  • How Andy sets himself apart from the crowd by being open to learning new skills
  • How being open to new opportunities leads to leaps and bounds in your career
  • Why Andy has a drive for knowledge – and you should, too


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