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Making the Time You Need to Commit to Your Band: Giant Walker

The unfortunate truth about being a DIY artist is that most band members need to have a day job. This can create scheduling tensions and drama within the band…

But, not all day jobs are created equal.

British prog rock band Giant Walker have harnessed their creative power to build successful careers: each of the band's four members teach their instruments and make a full-time living from it.

Not only does teaching music help the members constantly improve their skills and knowledge, it also gives them the flexible schedule needed to be in an active band.

Listen now to learn how you can work a day job that supports your lifestyle and lets you have the flexibility to hit the road!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why rebranding might be the right move after a lineup change
  • How to choose your band name
  • How Giant Walker create the freedom needed to play in a serious band
  • Why relationships are more important than sales
  • How to schedule band practice, shows, and meetings
  • What should be prioritized if you’re committed to the band
  • How to build a modular life so you can focus on music
  • When being comfortable shouldn’t be the goal
  • How the band kept teaching during the pandemic
  • What goes into a well-planned single release

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