Episode art: Making the Most Out of Every Show You Play
Making the Most Out of Every Show You Play

When it comes to playing shows, you’d think it’s all about just showing up and playing the set, right?


There’s so much more that goes into playing a show, and it’s important to follow proper etiquette every step of the way – otherwise you might not get a chance to play that venue again.

Listen now to learn how you can make the most of every aspect of booking and playing a show, so you can be sure you’ll have an open invitation to play again!

What you’ll learn:

  • What goes into show etiquette for every part of playing a show
  • Why polite and effective communication is an important skill to learn
  • Playing a sloppy set is rude… Not even kidding
  • The importance of backups for everything vital to your live set
  • What goes into a good stage plot and input list
  • Moving off stage quickly to keep bands, staff, and the audience happy
  • Interacting with fans at the show to properly show appreciation
  • Tracking all your shows for data-driven booking

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